June 20, 2020


Welcome to our wedding weekend

We chose a very special spot

to for our wedding.  only is it famous for being a location that fostered community amoungst artists, it was also the one of the first girls school in state of Connecticut.

It's actually a cool museum.

The museum is open only to us for a few hours after the ceremony, make sure to check out the individual artist's panels in the main house.

A Great Weekend to be Had.

There is much to do around the area, and staying is Essex is ideal.  Check out the other pages for more. 

The Florence Griswold House inspired a sought-after feeling of community for the mixed population of mariners and rocky farmers of Lyme.

Soon the town was booming.

The fact that Florence Griswold chose to originally open a girls school, is close to us and to Meg's strong perseverance to women's education & equality. 

A little background...

Here they concentrated on impressionism and tonalism, and it's really par for the slightly craggy river landscape. 

They painted en plein air, and who could blame them.

Florence was known for her gardens, so we are here today for peonies and roses. 

Max's Grandparents lived in Lyme, and Meg & Max have been returning each year. 

We chose Essex as it gives you the nautical side that we wanted for our big day. The safety of the estuaries of the CT River basin have offered safe harbor to travels for centuries, with a rich maritime history.

 You can also walk everywhere, like Brooklyn.